FIDO Leather Pet Tag Silencer - LG Breed

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Patented Design; dog tested product; connects easily to pets collar; a permanent solution to pet tag noise. Neoprene and leather styles for every size dog.


"Customer Favorite for Large Breeds" (65 lb and up) - Read Reviews


^^^^^^ Patented Design ^^^^^^


Designed and tested product assures your getting a product that works


^^^^^ Sizing and Coloring ^^^^^^


Ideal for larger breed dogs, (check if the size works for your pet) before ordering. (Size of the holder is 2" X 2 3/8"). Item is hand dyed - Colors can slightly vary at times from store photos


^^^^^^ Stamping Instructions ^^^^^^


Stamping for wholesale is paw print only


^^^^^^ What you get ^^^^^^ *


*Heavy duty stainless steel snap closure

* Made from the best 3oz. leather

* Sewn with bonded nylon thread

* Hand-dyed

* Stainless steel split ring

* Style

* Unsurpassed Quality

* Protection


This style of tag holder will hold up to three 1 1/2" inch standard tags only